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    31. 您的位置:在点网 > 题库 > 名校套卷 > 江苏省扬州中学教育集团树人学校2015–2016学年第... 正文 2017-04-18



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      Yanfu Rd Learning Center



      (满分:140分;考试时间:110分钟) 2015.11


      一、听力 (计20分)

      A. 听对话回答问题 (共10 小题;每小题1分;计 10分)

      本部分共有10道小题,每小题你将听到一段对话,根据所听到的内容, 选择正确答案。(听两遍)

      ( ) 1. What was the weather like in London yesterday afternoon?



      ( ) 2. What did the girl do last night?

      C A

      ( ) 3. How did they go to Sanya?





      ( ) 4. What did Betty do last Sunday?





      ( A. 52m. C. 72m.

      ( C. The Space Museum.

      ( A.

      B. .

      ( ) 8. How much was the ticket?

      A. $ 30. B. $ 13. C. ¥ 30.

      ( A. Cool. B. Wet. C. Warm.

      ( ) 10. When does the train leave for Beijing?

      A. At 3:45. B. At 4:15. C. At 4:45.

      B. 听一段对话,回答11---12小题,听两遍。

      ( ) 11. What are they going to do this afternoon?

      A. To watch a fashion show. B. To visit the Science Museum. C. To have a science lesson.

      第1 / 12页

      ( ) 12. How much is the ticket?

      A. Ten dollars. B. Five dollars. C. Free.

      C. 听一篇短文,回答13---15小题。请根据内容从A、B、C三个选项中选择正确的选项,完成信息记录表。听两

      A. those; that B. the one; those

      C. the one; that D. that; those

      29. The trip to the World Park __________ almost two hours and it was _________.

      A. spent; bored B. took; boring

      C. cost; boring D. paid; bored

      30. Daniel had one month_______ last summer and he took a course_______ DIY.

      A. off; in B. for; about C. in; in D. away; about

      31. You must be tired now. Why not _________ a rest?

      A. to stop to have B. to stop having C. stop to have D. stop having

      第2 / 12页

      32. Here comes the bus. Let’s .

      A. get on it B. get it off C. to get on it D. to get it off

      33. Tom, ______ too much TV.

      A. not watch B. doesn’t watch C. don’t watch D.watches

      34. ---Why is the woman crying there?

      ---Because she is ______. Her only son is lost and no one can help find him now.

      A. hopeful B. useless C. cheerful D. helpless

      35. --- Tom, would you please not make so loud noise? Dad is sleeping. ---- _________, mom.

      A. Yes, I know B. OK, I know C. Sorry, I won’t D. Sorry, I will

      refusing(er off.

      36. A. heart 39. A. help 42. A. put 45. A. little 48. A. tears 50. A. part

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      I never saw my father home from work late or ill, nor did I ever see my father take a“night out with the boys.” He had no hobbies but just take care of his family.

      For 22 years, since I left home for college, my father called me every Sunday at 9:00am. He was interested in my life--how my family was doing. The calls even came when he and my mother in Australia, England or Florida.

      Nine years ago when I bought my first house, my father, 67 years old, spent eight hours for three days, painting my house. He would not allow me to pay someone to have it done. All he asked was a glass of iced tea, and that I hold a

      第4 / 12页

      paintbrush for him and talk to him. But I was too busy, and I could not take the time to hold the paintbrush, or talk to my father.

      Five years ago, my 71-year-old father spent five hours putting together a swing set(秋千) for my daughter. Again, all he asked was that I get him a glass of iced tea, and talk to him. But again, I had laundry(要洗的衣服)to do, and the house to clean. The morning on Sunday, January 16, 1996, my father telephoned me as usual, this time he had seemed to have forgotten something we had discussed the week before .I had to get to church, and I cut the conversation short.

      The call came at 4:40 a.m. That day my father was sent to hospital in Florida. I got on a plane immediately, and I vowed (发誓I arrived in Florida at 1:00 a.m. ,but my father had passed away at 9:12 p.m.. This time it was he who did not have time to talk ,or time to wait for me.

      me for anything but my time. Now he has all my attention, every single day.

      58. We know from the reading that the father__________________.

      A. liked to paint houses B. had no friends around him

      C. was not healthy in his youth D. thought of his family as his all

      59. When her father painted her first house, the daughter____________.

      A. could only afford a glass of iced tea B. was too busy to talk to her father

      C. could do nothing but hold a paintbrush

      60. In the reading the underlined phrase “get to know him” A. get him to know her B. know more about him

      C. get him to know himself

      61. Which is the best title of the reading?

      A. Painting Houses

      C. Father and I

      It was Christmas Eve. When everyone went to bed, ’t He still couldn’t think of what he didn’t know himself.

      As he was sitting up in bed, Bunny heard a on a sound downstairs. It was Santa Claus, he an before Santa left for his next stop.

      ), Bunny turned to climb back upstairs when he heard a cry.

      “Hello,” said Bunny. “”

      ound the big pile of presents to see what was making the noise. 鹿角) on its head.

      ““Yes,”“My name is Ralph.”


      “”“Santa had to leave me here and go on with the other seven reindeer.” “Isn’’t flying what reindeer are famous for?”

      “Not me, I’” replied Ralph. “But everyone ’s sled, so when it was my turn I gave it a try. I’m afraid I just wasn’’m ’”

      “” said Bunny. As he made the offer, Bunny suddenly realized the special present he wanted from Santa was a new friend!

      62. Why couldn’t Bunny fall asleep on Christmas Eve?

      A. He wanted to take a close look at Santa Claus.

      B. He was waiting for his special present from his father.

      C. He was thinking about what present to get from Santa.

      D. He was woken up by a noise on the roof of his house.

      63. The underlined phrase “cut out” probably means A. suitable B. famous C. ready D. bad

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