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      高二年级英语学科 试 题

      命题审校人:萧山第十高级中学 胡来夫 塘栖中学 张 帆 考生须知:





      第I卷 选择题部分(共65分)

      第一部分 听力理解


      1.How old is James?

      A. He is 21. B. He is 22. C. He is 20.

      2. What does the man’s father really want to do?

      A. To look after his grandchildren.

      B. To travel around the world.

      C. To enjoy his retirement at home.

      3. What does the man think about the woman?

      A. He thinks the woman is silly.

      B. He thinks the woman is ugly.

      C. He thinks the woman is young and clever.

      4. How many books has the man (转载于:www.zhulangren.com 在点 网:浙江省杭州地区2015-2016学年上学期期中考试七年级英语试卷(有听力MP3))ordered?

      A. 4,000. B. 3,000. C.2,000.

      5. What do you know about the woman?

      A. She had to work overtime.

      B. She failed to see Henry.

      C. She had a traffic accident.



      6. What does the man think of Barry?

      A. He thinks Barry is easy-going and honest.

      B. He thinks Barry is too ambitious(野心的) and dishonest.

      C. He thinks Barry is like his brother.

      7. What does the woman like?

      A. Chatting with new people.

      B. Travelling.

      C. Going out and making new friends.

      8. What does the man invite the woman to do?

      A. To attend his birthday party.

      B. To chat with him.

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      C. To make new friends.


      9. What does the woman think of her present life?

      A. Interesting. B. Boring. C. Exciting.

      10.What would the man most like to do?

      A. Make money. B. Do a good job. C. Stay with the family.

      11.What does the woman want to do?

      A. Make a movie. B. See a movie. C. Watch TV.


      12.Where does the conversation take place?

      A. In a company. B. In a factory. C. In a hospital.

      13. Why can’t the woman sleep well?

      A. Because she has been working too hard.

      B. Because she has a family problem.

      C. Because she has a high fever.

      14. What does the man suggest?

      A. The woman should take some medicine.

      B. The woman should take a holiday.

      C. The woman should change the job.


      15. Why did the man make a phone call to the company?

      A Because his package has been lost.

      B. Because the package he posted hasn’t been received.

      C. Because the service in the Dallas office is very poor

      16.What does the woman promise to do?

      A. To solve the problem.

      B. To phone Federal Express.

      C. To return the money.

      17.How much did the man spend in posting the package?

      A.﹩84. B.﹩48. C.﹩28.


      18.What can we do when we have learned foreign languages?

      A. Travel in foreign countries without money.

      B. Use foreign goods.

      C. Understand people from other countries.

      19. How should people learn a foreign language according to the speaker?

      A. Just speak it.

      B. Use it as a tool.

      C. Remember the grammar rules.

      20.What does the speaker most probably teach in his course?

      A. Grammar. B. Conversation. C. Writing skills.

      第二部分 英语知识运用



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